Police seek for a lasting peace between two rival families

Thabiso Thaanyane

Maseru: The on going killings at the plateau of Matsieng has forced the police, Chief Masupha Seeiso and community leaders to hold a public gathering on 9th February, 2016 with the intention to bring it to an end.

"The cold blood killings within the Mojela and Rantšo families have resulted in about 19 lives," stated one villager.

Chief Masupha Seeiso urged police to give feedback on the incidents which occurred at Ha Mphethe and Folene where villagers were also at arms so that the public could be up to date.

He further accused some headmen for failing to report the gun shots that were heard during the funeral services of people who where killed in their villages.  

He appealed to the community to give evidence as there is no case that could be heard without evidence or with single evidence within the courts of law.

He informed the public that the laws of Lesotho requires that for a person to be found guilty there should be more than one evidence against him or her.

“I surrendered one of the suspects in these killings to the Morija Police and was not taken to court because of lack of evidence, but crime has occurred!” Chief Masupha who was worried of people’s reluctance to give evidence said.

When addressing a heavily gathered Matsieng public, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (S/ACP) Mpota Nthako said they have gathered because of the brutal assassination of 19 people and burning of nine households around Matsieng plateau.  

Most of these people were murdered with a gun. A pattern of killing of these families differ with the other, the other one conducted their deadly operations daylight while the other one operated at night.

ACP Nthako implored the concerned communities not only to give information but also be bold enough and give evidence before the courts of law in order to assist police to win their battle against these heinous killings.

When laying down the public’s fear that one of the suspects Lebohang Rantšo is seen else where but not arrested by the police, ACP Nthako mentioned that Rantšo was earlier arrested for the murder of Thabiso Nkuke, Shoaepane Mojela and Mothusi Shea and was later released on bail.


“Rantšo is wanted again for the murder of ‘Mamohato Mojela and others who were attacked at her house”, ACP Nthako said.  

He further revealed that though community only know about 17 murders which occurred in Lesotho other people of the same villages were murdered in South Africa, such as Sekake Mojela and Mokete Rantšo.      

He concluded by saying that the management of LMPS has authorized the deployment of  camping police officers at Ha Mojela in order to monitor the situation.

Community council Mr. Pheta Ramashamole said the death of 17 villagers and burning of houses is a failure of police to react on time.

He indicated that police arrived at scene about five hours late after they have been alerted of crime.

He further complained about a lack of network availability which bars them from giving information on time.

The other villager Mr. Takalimane Kutoane indicated that police do arrest people but they are released on bail by courts of law.

He urged the LMPS management to establish a police post that would serve their villages since they are far away from Morija Police.

Furthermore he complained about a bad road which is also a barrier for police and ambulance to provide them with services.





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