Commissioner warn the community

Thabang Mohloki

MASERU: The Commissioner of Police Mr. Molahlehi Letsoepa has appealed to Thaba-Chitja community to stop the ongoing public violence in their village.

Mr. Letsoepa was addressing the public gathering at Thaba-Chitja, Morija on August 21, 2016 after six days a man was shot dead at his home by unknown people.     

The Commissioner further said that it is for the benefit of Thaba-Chitja community to strive for peace in their village, not merely because police have requested them to do so, but because they ought to live harmoniously as one community.  

He robustly warned the community of Thaba-Chitja to desist from criminal behaviour and avoid being involved in criminal acts.

 He said they should learn be law-abiding citizens and stop killing each other.

He added that police would not tolerate any more criminal acts and instability in Thaba-Chitja.

Commissioner Letsoepa also told the villagers that police have got all the powers to make them live in peace if they could not make peace. 

“People of Thaba chitja what are you doing, do you know what you are driving yourself into. Why are you resolving your problems so foolishly?” the Commissioner unhappily asked.

He further indicated that he had visited Thaba-Chitja community to partake in good relationship building among the people of that area. 

Chief Masupha Seeiso of Matsieng who was also present said people of Thaba-Chitja should avoid turning their village which was once peaceful into blood bath.

He advised them to respect the rule of the law.

Chief Masupha said he was not happy that one of the suspects of murder whose house was also bunt was absent at the public gathering.