Thamae Police recover stolen properties

By: Thabang Mohloki

Maseru- The community of Ha Thamae was filled with joy as it recovered its stolen properties from the house of a suspect who later escaped before police could arrived  on Monday 26th January 2016.

Thamae police report shows that some members of the community identified their properties at the scene while others went to police station where they identified theirs.

According to report one member of Ha Thamae community who is a complainant in the case of house breaking with intend to steal and theft which occurred during the festive season suspected one man wearing a pair of trousers which was similar to his.

It is alleged the complainant went to the headman’s place to report his suspicion thus where he was given some men to go and search his place with him.

 “I was told that on their arrival they indeed identified some stolen properties in the presence of the suspects and the landlord,” Officer Commanding Thamae Police Station Senior Inspector (S/Insp) Thoma Sephaphathi said.

S/Insp. Sephaphathi revealed that among many dockets of house breakings opened during festive season, at least five of them have identified their belongings.

He stated that the community decided to escort the suspect to the headman’s place as the police had not yet arrived by that time, the suspect returned on the way claiming he forgot his phone and disappeared.

Police arrived later and consfisgated other properties from the suspect’s house then the community was called to identify theirs.

S/Insp. Sephaphathi regards this as a huge success in Thamae Police Station. Police are still after the suspects.

The properties recovered included blankets, clothes, sound systems, Televisions, gas cylenders, gas stoves, wheel barrows, digging fork, spades, building equipment, pots, buckets, dishes and many more properties.

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