Police apprehend 3 for murder

By: Mosoaboli Mohlomi

Maseru: Police Mt. Moorosi have arrested 3 suspects and are looking for the other 4 in connection with the murder of a Mosotho male aged 35-years-old of Ha Malibe, Quthing who was suspected of stock theft by the villagers.

According to police report, 7 suspects; amongst them a complainant aged 41-years-old from different villages, were in search of a stolen sheep and came across the victim at his stock-post where he was staying on September 14, 2015.

They arrested him and started searching him whereby they discovered meat of a sheep.

Immediately after that, they told him they were escorting him to the headman of Letšeng village.

On the way, he was assaulted until he fell down and they left him there while some went to report the incident at the village.

A son of complainant aged 17-years-old  and a relative aged 30-years-old together with the other suspect were apprehended by police while others are still at large.

While attending the scene of crime, police discovered the body of the victim lying dead near Beteu cattle post with missing parts such as head skin, left ear, left eye and a tongue.

Police suspect that the missing parts might have been eaten by dogs or wild animals.

Police have also appealed to anyone who might have information regarding the whereabouts of the other suspects to immediately contact any nearest police station. 

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