Police arrest 16yrs old boy for sexual offence

By: Mosoaboli Mohlomi

Berea-A 16 years-old-boy of Maqhaka, was arrested by police in connection with sexual offence inflicted upon a Mosotho child aged 4 years-old on 19 January, 2016 was later released to his parents as he is a minor.

Berea police report shows that the victim was playing with her friends near the village forest when the suspected boy arrived at them.  

It is alleged that on arrival the suspect took the victim away from other children to other place, undressed her and sexually abused her.

District commissioner for Berea Senior Superintendent Raphoka Ramachaha confirmed the incident and said they are waiting for the directives from the probation officer as the suspect is the minor.

"We are deeply concerned about the incident as both the victim and the suspects are relatives," Berea Senior Superintendent Raphoka Ramachaha said.

He concluded by advising parents not to leave their children alone more especial near awkward places like forest to avoid incideces of sexual harrasment.


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