Police arrest a suspect below the cliffs

By: Mosoaboli Mohlomi

Maseru: A Mosotho male aged 25-years-old of Ha Ramalumane  Baking, Berea was arrested by Mapoteng police on charges of unlawful firearm, unlawful ammunition and assault common on 31st December, 2015.

According to Mapoteng police report the suspect pointed his brother with a 9mm pistol after they had a quarrel over family matter.

It is reported that they wrestled for a firearm until it released one bullet to the ground.

The report further shows that the victim managed to disarm his brother and an alarm was made then the villagers came and intervened.

The suspect was handed-over to the village chief together with the exhibit of a firearm. However, the suspect escaped the lawful arrest from headman’s place and threw himself down the nearby cliffs.

Mapoteng police attended the scene and found him lying below the cliffs with wounds on the forehead and unable to walk.

The suspect was arrested and due to injuries he sustained was taken to Berea government hospital where he was admitted. 

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