About Us


By 2020, LMPS shall be a professional and accountable Police Service, providing safety and security in partnership with the community, with particular emphasis on crime prevention, reduction, detection and human rights observance.


We are committed to providing safety and security to all. In partnership with the community and other stakeholders, we prevent crime, reduce crime, disorder, fear of crime and enhance the rule of law, whilst respecting and protecting the human rights of all as fundamental to a professional Police Service. 


·         Trust

·         Accountability

·         Ethical conduct


The Lesotho Mounted Police Service was established on the 26th October 1872 and it was known as Basutoland Mounted with the strength of 110 men who were mainly the sons of local chiefs. The magistrates also served as police officers.

The police duties were mainly to support and protect magistrates and to act as interpreters and messengers. By 1878 the police adapted military ranks but changed in 1958 to police ranks. The police strength expanded to 1074 men as more responsibilities were added. They resorted and kept peace in other countries. The Commissioner of Police was also responsible for prisons but in 1946, prisons became independent and took charge of prisons. To keep up with modern challenges in the fight against crime and police development, the police diversified and expanded hence the birth of more police departments: Police Training College in 1946, special branch and signals in 1953, Police Mobile Unit in 1964, The Stock Theft and Criminal Investigation Department in 1966 and 1967 respectively. In 1966 the Lesotho Police became the Lesotho Mounted Police.


In 1970, the first batch of women was recruited into the police. In 1986 the police became Royal Lesotho Mounted Force.